The Srebrenica Memorial Center is open to visitors from 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m., with the exception of special circumstances including holidays and conditions such as those imposed by Covid-19 restrictions. For the latest updates and information, please check our website and social media channels.

Visitors are encouraged to make reservations using the form below, to ensure that all resources and facilities they desire are available during their visit. 

Please include any additional information which will help us better accomodate your visit, such us:

  • The size of your group
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  • Needs of any persons with disabilities
  • Interests and requests pertaining to specific exhibitions or archive access
  • Preference for guided tour by a Memorial Center curator
  • Any additional inquiries you may have reguarding your visit
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Please consult our calendar for information regarding confirmed events and planned visits to the Srebrenica Memorial Center.

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The nearest international airports to the Srebrenica Memorial Center are in Sarajevo and Tuzla.

There are also regular bus lines from Tuzla, Sarajevo, and East Sarajevo. Feel free to contact the Memorial Center before departure for accurate information on active and available lines.

Alternatively, we can connect you with private carriers that offer transport for individual and group trips to Srebrenica.

All exhibition spaces at the Srebrenica Memorial Center are accessible to visitors using mobility assistive devices, except a portion of the permanent exhibition "Failure of the International Community," which is located on the second floor. Additionally, numerous exhibitions are supplemented by audio recordings and/or sub-captioned media for those with audio or visual impairments. Please feel free to contact the Memorial Center with any additional concerns related to your visit. 

While accommodation in Srebrenica municipality is limited, the Memorial Center staff is available to connect visitors with accommodation providers for both individual and group visits.

There are several restaurants in Srebrenica and the neighboring town of Bratunac, including venues suitable for group dining.

Taxi cabs as well as private carriers are available for individual and group transport within the vicinity of Srebrenica.

For any additional resources you may require for your visit--including photographers, videographers, or translators--please contact the Srebrenica Memorial Center.