Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi visited the Srebrenica Memorial Center

Filippo Tattoni Marcozzi, an international consultant for the development of cultural and art projects, visited the Srebrenica Memorial Center today.

“Mr. Tattoni Marcozzi has participated in several important global campaigns involving designers and global brands with humanitarian goals. We were especially interested in the project he was working on in connection with the Halo Trust, a foundation that deals with mine clearance in the world. As part of its activities, the Srebrenica Memorial strives to bring the facts about the Srebrenica genocide closer to the world, open it through new channels of communication and bring the work we are doing here closer to a new generation and wider audience," said the director of the Srebrenica Memorial Center, Emir Suljagic.

Tattoni-Marcozzi spoke with a young team of cameramen, photographers and public relations experts, as well as curators of the Memorial Center. They showed great interest in the opportunities for innovation and improvement of communications of this institution, the way they present information and how they involve the community in these projects.

“Last year I visited this site for the first time to attend the annual commemoration of the Srebrenica Genocide. This time I was honored to be invited to learn more about SMC commitment to build a poignant and powerful exhibition experience to honor the memory of the survivors and at the same time to universalize the message of hope, peace and reconciliation. The world needs to remember, learn and never forget”, said Mr. Tattoni-Marcozzi.

Tattoni-Marcozzi visited the Memorial Room, and the cemetery of genocide victims and got acquainted with the current projects of the Srebrenica Memorial Center. He announced that in the future he would do everything to connect this institution with internationally relevant galleries, museums and cultural institutions, and expressed readiness to contribute to the development of the capacity of this institution through workshops with members of the Srebrenica Memorial team.