UK Government and Srebrenica Memorial Center Continue Cooperation through new Project

After successfully completing the three-year project "Truth, Dialogue, Future," implemented by the Srebrenica Memorial Center with the support of the UK Government, which laid the foundation for developing this institution into a contemporary memorial with numerous partners, activities, and exhibits that follow the highest global memorialization standards, today we confirmed the continuation of our cooperation through the new Sustainability Project of the Srebrenica Memorial Center.

"I take this opportunity to thank the team of the British Embassy in Sarajevo and the UK Government for their exceptional cooperation. We have made significant strides, ensured that other donors believe we can independently manage large program activities, and you have given us the space to grow and develop. A big thank you to the team led by Zlatan Hajlovac, who has implemented excellent initiatives over the past three years thanks to this support. From this, an entire program for youth education, international partnerships, exchange activities, and knowledge transfer, advanced procurement procedures, strategic documents, and permanent exhibition installations have emerged. We now continue with a one-year sustainability project, which will complete what I consider one of the most important tasks for our team – to ensure that this institution has mechanisms for permanent survival regardless of who is in charge in the future," said the Director of the Srebrenica Memorial Center, Emir Suljagić.

The project will include the Eastern Bosnia Memory Program, which will expand memorialization activities for the ethnic cleansing of the Bosniak population in eastern Bosnia, where the Memorial Center will support associations and groups in commemorating, remembering, and educating about crimes throughout this region.

"We are developing new fundraising activities focused on domestic resources – the private sector and individual citizens, to create a framework where this institution can rely on meaningful, transparent, and program-oriented support from our people. Our goal is to establish a foundation that will gather our friends in Europe, enabling us to develop an international organization capable of securing project funding in Srebrenica through access to funds that our institution cannot access due to being registered in BiH or because it does not fall under the category of non-governmental organizations. This is something we discussed during recent visits to Italy and Germany, so we will bring it to life through this project. We also plan to research European court practices in punishing genocide denial," added Program Coordinator Amra Begović.

The Memorial Center will develop a Development Strategy until 2030, establish a proposal for the systematic development of the Genocide Research Department, in accordance with the new provisions of the Law on the Memorial Center imposed by High Representative Christian Schmidt, which expanded the institution's operations.

"We are upgrading the Srebrenica Volunteer Program, which we previously developed in cooperation with the UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNDP, and UNHCR, enabling volunteering for the Memorial Center from all parts of the world. We continue with exchange programs with memorials from around the world, as well as the Dialogue Committee activities. We will take a step further as an institution in the fight against genocide denial, which we will talk more about in the coming period. We will achieve all this thanks to cooperation with the UK Government," added Begović.

The British Embassy in Sarajevo states that the UK Government will continue to support the efforts of the Srebrenica Memorial Center: "Through its activities over the past three years, the Memorial Center has proven to be a trustworthy institution capable of growth and development, which is why we proudly highlight the cooperation we have. The whole world, in accordance with the new Resolution, will remember and commemorate July 11th, but we will work every other day as well. The UK Government continues to support the mission of this institution – building peace and trust based on truth and justice," concluded the British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Julian Reilly.