Adoption of the Srebrenica Resolution at the United Nations General Assembly

The Management Board of the Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial Center, a memorial and cemetery for the victims of the 1995 genocide, welcomes the announcement of the consideration of the Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica before the United Nations General Assembly. In this regard, on behalf of the families of the genocide victims, gratitude has been expressed to the proponents, the Republic of Rwanda and the Federal Republic of Germany.

"Germany, Rwanda, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, through their approach to the Holocaust, the genocide against the Tutsis
in Rwanda, and the genocide against the Bosniaks in Srebrenica, have shown that individuals and communities can learn
lessons from crimes and tragic events of the past, and that in these countries there are people willing to work to ensure the
world recognizes the importance of the struggle for truth and justice," stated in the release of the Srebrenica Memorial Center
press release.

In this regard, the Memorial Center calls upon all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, holders of responsible positions in
institutions in the country and the world, all friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina, political and religious leaders, legal
authorities, activists, civil society organizations, and memorials to do everything in their power to ensure full support for the
Resolution and its adoption in the next month.

"To adopt the Resolution, it is necessary to secure 2/3 of the votes from the 193 member states of the United Nations. This
means that we need the support of at least 129 member states. In the current divisions of the world, this is by no means an
easy task, but we believe that the international community will find the strength to once again support justice and the facts
established by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Residual Mechanism for
Criminal Tribunals, to call for the adoption of July 11 as the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Genocide in
Srebrenica, and for these two elements to become the basis for renewing the process of dealing with the past, building new
hope for dialogue and peace for future generations, as well as an opportunity to finally end the daily politicization, denial of
genocide, and undermining of dignified memory of the genocide victims.“

The Srebrenica Memorial Center warns that the Resolution is important for the future and an opportunity for the final
confirmation of civilization's stance towards the genocide in Srebrenica.

"In times of instability and constant threats to peace, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the
voting results in the General Assembly will not only determine the international community's attitude towards the past and
the genocide in Srebrenica but will also be a guide as to who our country can count on as partners and allies in times of
uncertainty and threats. These will be our allies whom we can rely on in the days and years ahead," they concluded.
The Memorial Center will establish a communication team and focus on intensive communication with international and
domestic partners, and all institution resources will be dedicated to advocating for the successful adoption of the Resolution
from today until the moment this proposal is placed on the agenda of the General Assembly.